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Have you ever met a filmmaker whose work opened your eyes to a way of looking at the world that was at once alien and strange and yet perfectly familiar and speaking to you in a language that you thought only you understood. TODD SOLONDZ is an auteur in the true sense of the word. His films are firestarters. They are also wonderfully human and accessible, brilliantly observed, funny, and breathtakingly real. He is the director of DARK HORSE, WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, HAPPINESS, PALINDROMES and many more. You must see him live and in person (and ask him your questions) in our Inside the Actors Studio style discussion!




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Keep The Lights On

 1:00 PM

Ira Sachs' devastating KEEP THE LIGHTS ON examines the end of love from a dark place; the relationship between an addict and his partner over the course of nine years. Erik (Thure Lindhart) is a Danish documentarian living in New York City who spends his nights trolling phone sex chat lines for a hook up. When he meets Paul (Zachary Booth), the pair slowly make their way from sexual anonymity toward a relationship. But soon, Paul's decline into addiction slowly asserts its grip and things begin to fall apart. KEEP THE LIGHTS ON is an impressionistic portrait of the rise and fall of a couple.


Chasing Ice

1:00 PM

CHASING ICE follows Balog, a National Geographic photographer, as he deploys revolutionary time-lapse cameras designed to capture a multi-year record of the world's changing glaciers through the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS). Balog travels with a young team of adventurers across three continents to places 30 cameras and captures the most visible sign of climate change. Balog's hauntingly beautiful videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate. Balog embarks on this journey risking both his career and health to illustrate a fundamental human story.

Preceded by short: eXtinction



1:15 PM

Did you enjoy THE ARTIST? Come see a Buster Keaton classic silent film THE BALLOONATIC with live improvised synthesized orchestral musical accompaniement from renowned musician PETER TAVALIN! Shows with THE BLACK BALLOON and THE RED BALLOON!


See Girl Run 

1:30 PM

Emmie (Robin Tunney) has never forgotten her High School sweetheart Jason (Adam Scott); as the years have gone by, their unresolved relationship has hung over Emmie's romantic life, a nagging question mark in the back of her mind. When her relationship with her husband Graham (Josh Hamilton) grows too comfortable, Emmie leaves her life behind and heads back to her hometown to track down Jason and see what might have been. Nate Meyer's SEE GIRL RUN is a story of missed opportunities and our romantic notions of the past, a film that seeks an answer to the age old question of "what if?"


Somebody Up There Likes Me 

3:00 PM

SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME is Robert Byington's formally inventive comedy about life, love and the passing of time. Max (Keith Poulson) and Sal (Nick Offerman) both work at the local steakhouse alongside Lyla (Jess Weixler). As their lives continually intersect over the years, the film refuses to play by the traditional rules of cinematic storytelling; major milestones are marked without sentiment, entanglements form and fall away without much protest. Instead of following the dramatic rules, Byington instead focuses on the pace and structure of life, imbuing his film with a unique and hilarious point of view that ticks like clockwork.

Filmmakers and star Jess Weixler in attendance for Q&As!


Rhythm Of Structure 

3:30 PM

Over the course of the last decade, Sarasota artist John Sims has been developing a form of artistic collaboration that draws on music, poetry, performance and the visual discipline. Working in the field of Math Art, where mathematic equations inspire the forms he creates, Sims has created a beautiful platform for artists to create and respond to one another's work. THE RHYTHM OF STRUCTURE showcases the theory, work and performances that Sims has created and curated during this fruitful period of his career, an examination of Sims' Rhythm Of Structure project and the compelling art it inspired. JOHN SIMS IN ATTENDANCE FOR Q&A!



3:30 PM

Inspired by a true story, COMPLIANCE examines a single, harrowing day at a midwestern fast food restaurant. When a police officer calls and accuses one of the restaurant's young employees of an improbable theft, he sets into motion a series of events that bring about unimaginable actions and consequences. Director Craig Zobel uses tight interior spaces of create an atmosphere of escalation tension and possibility, his prowling camera filling every moment with a voyeuristic dread. COMPLIANCE is certain to spark debate among audiences, an intense and deeply troubling look into the heart of freedom and authority in American culture.


Atomic States of America

4:45 PM

The rise of the nuclear power industry has always been a battle between the promise of progress and the unintended consequences unleashed when harnessing the power of the atom. In THE ATOMIC STATES OF AMERICA, filmmakers Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce take a clear-eyed look at the impact of nuclear power on the lives of everyday Americans, from well-known disasters like Three Mile Island and Love Canal to present day concerns about plant safety in the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Featuring interviews with activists and scientists, ATOMIC STATES serves as a wakeup call for audiences and policy makers.


Perfect Wedding

5:00 PM

Filmed in Sarasota and Venice, this touching romantic comedy is about two men, Paul and Gavin, who meet over the holidays while planning the "perfect wedding" for Paul's sister, Alana. Paul is a recovering alcoholic who cheated on Alana's best friend, Roy. Not wanting to look like a loser for still being single, Roy asks his friend, Gavin, to come with him to help plan Alana's wedding. Things go awry when Paul unknowingly starts falling for Gavin, inspiring revelation and introspection among family and friends.



5:30 PM

Bryan Wizeman's powerful THINK OF ME is the story of Angela (Lauren Ambrose), a single mother struggling to make ends meet for her daughter on the fringes of Las Vegas. As her fragile economic situation grows more and more dire, Angela works hard to play by the rules and provide a decent life for her family. But when a co-worker makes an unexpected proposition that could change Angela's fortunes, it forces her to consider the unthinkable in order to give her daughter a better life. THINK OF ME is a provocative look at the reality of a life on the margins. Also starring Penelope Ann Miller!


Leave Me Like You Found Me

7:00 PM

Erin (Megan Boone) and Cal (David Nordstrom) are a couple on the verge of reunion; having broken up the previous year, the pair decide to take a camping trip together to test the waters. As they spend time together, their old wounds and habits begin to rise to the surface. Despite their best intentions, what was intended to be a romantic getaway turns into something much more profound. Adele Romanski's LEAVE ME LIKE YOU FOUND ME explores the fertile territory of a troubled romance to examine the difficulty of change and overcoming our failures in love.



7:45 PM

The prominence of Dominican baseball players in Major League baseball in no accident; driven by the business of developing young men into superstars, the baseball academies of Santo Domingo have produced a bumper crop of famous players. PELOTERO documents the process of identifying and training young stars so that they can sign big league contracts, bringing fame and money home to the island and providing the finances required to keep the academies open. But as in any business, things aren't always on the up and up; PELOTERO exposes the complex interests and negotiations that drive the business of youth baseball.

Just announced: Pelotero has just been picked up for distribution from Strand Releasing!























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