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The mission of the SFF Education Department is to inspire, enlighten and educate students of all ages by promoting creativity and self-expression. We are invested in educating and inspiring a future generation of filmgoers and filmmakers and believe it is important that students learn how to "read" films just as they learn to read books which SFF offers multiple evidence-based curriculum to local students through filmmaking, film review, screenwriting and movie screening programs.

Operating both in and out of local classrooms, SFF Education has reached more than 15,000 students through filmmaking, film review, screenwriting, and movie screening programs.Students from elementary school through college participate in programs designed to deliver a rich cinematic experience.

We are distinguished by our commitment to providing each of our programs to these thousands of participating students for free. We are incredibly proud of this distinction and aim to continue serving our local and regional community in this meaningful way.

Since its inception, SFF Education has been the recipient of three grants from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences/OSCARS®, and the reach of this department only continues to grow.



EDUCATORS! We'd love to work with you and your classes! Check out our 2017 line-up below.

Acting For Film

An Analysis of Beyonce's "Lemonade" in the American South

Philosophy and the Social Impact of Documentary Film

Review and Critique of Film and Media/Review and Critique of Music Videos

Gender Stereotypes in Media (See Jane)/Superheroes and Gender Representation

Storytelling and Creative Writing

And to get more information on bringing any of the following programs to your school, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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