Community Screenings

FACEing Mental Illness

FACEing MENTAL ILLNESS: THE ART OF ACCEPTANCE traces the course of a year-long project conducted in Sarasota, Florida that was aimed at reducing bias against individuals with mental illness, eliminating the stigma associated with a mental health diagnosis, and building a more supportive, inclusive community. As participants create artwork exploring their illnesses and share their stories of challenge and recovery in weekly newspaper articles, we see residents coalesce in support of an isolated and misunderstood population and take up the cause of acceptance and advocacy as their own.

All project participants will receive an invitation and a free ticket to the red carpet premiere. Discussion to follow the screening with Project leader Carrie Seidman and participants of the project.

Featuring a showcase of select artwork from the FACEing mental illness exhibition.


through the


THROUGH THE TUNNEL tells the story of the Lincoln High Trojans, the football team of the former Manatee County school for African American students prior to desegregation in 1969. When the young men of Lincoln High were integrated into Manatee High to form a single, powerhouse program, head coach Eddie Shannon was their guide, leading his team beyond the ignominy thrust upon the team by the challenges of integration. A poignant reminder of the troubled recent history of our community, THROUGH THE TUNNEL also shows us how one team can inspire an entire community. Q&A with highlighted filmmakers and guests as well as a reception to follow.



Riverview IB Awards Showcase

Riverview High School IB Academy Awards and Showcase is an event established to showcase films produced by the IB Film Program students and is the culmination of their work. This black tie event and awards show honors the students’ film production process, builds community awareness to the art and education of film, and celebrates the students’ thesis films in an Academy Awards®— style setting.

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