During the seven days of mourning for her grandfather, 14-year-old Maayan sleeps over at her cousin’s house, Ran. Tired of reflecting about death, the two start exploring intimacy with each other.

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  • Country:
  • Language:
  • Runtime:
    25 minutes
  • Year:


  • Director:
    Michal Haggiag
  • Screenwriter:
    Michal Haggiag
  • Producer:
    Zohar Nevo
  • Cast:
    Shira Ratzabi, Ishay Lalosh, Yoav Levi, Orna Fitousi, Yafit Asulin
  • Cinematographer:
    Naama Bunimovitz
  • Editor:
    Shira Meishar
  • Sound Design:
    Liat Attar
  • Music:
    Gal Lev

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