God The Worm

God The Worm is a raw, human, darkly funny exploration of a woman’s attempt to find meaning in a life that has suddenly ceased to hold any for her. Samantha Miller is a very talented singer-songwriter. She had a semi-hit indi record early in her career but never had a second one released. As talented as anyone, the cards just didn’t fall for her. But that didn’t stop her from doing what she loved for the past 25 years. Making music. Her devoted following have kept her inspired… until now.

Suddenly at 52 years-old, she’s faced with a questioning of her life’s meaning. Choices in life, love, family, career are all magnified and her previous zeal for life and music is gone.

The complicated relationship with her lovably quirky hoarding father is the closest in her life. The specter of her fractured relationship with her dead mother haunts her. Considering taking her life, she asks the universe for some kind of sign, a reason to live. The universe obliges and sends her on a week long journey through New York’s colorful streets.

The eccentric characters she encounters act as angels, each more interesting, diverse and illuminating than the next. They help clear away the clutter in her heart and mind and reveal hope. This story is funny, albeit with a gallows humor at times. It’s human to the core and deeply relatable to those who are passionate about the gifts of this life, great and small, but at some point have felt confused and frightened by which path to take.


  • Country:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Runtime:
    103 minutes


  • Director:
    Eric Schaeffer

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