Swamp Dogg Gets His Pool Painted

Florida Premiere. Jerry Williams had his first national chart success in 1966, when “Baby You’re My Everything”, which he co-wrote and produced, rose to #32 on the R&B chart. He subsequently produced the likes of Patti LaBelle and wrote and co-wrote hit songs, most notably the country smash “She’s All I Got.” In 1970 he created Swamp Dogg “to have an alter-ego and someone to occupy the body while the search party was out looking for Jerry Williams, who was mentally missing in action due to certain pressures, maltreatments and failure to get paid royalties on over fifty single records.” In this new persona he has released a number of individual, uncompromising, critically-acclaimed if not commercially successful soul and R&B albums beginning with 1970’s classic Total Destruction To Your Mind. Replete with archival footage and his deep catalog of music, Swamp Dogg Gets His Pool Painted takes us to his Southern California abode, where he looks back at his unique career, holds court when friends drop by, and continues to make music. Along with housemates Moogstar and Guitar Shorty, he has transformed the home into an artistic playground. Together, they navigate the tumultuous music industry, forging a unique and inspiring bond across time and space.

Film Screenings

April 11 @ 8:00 pm

Regal Hollywood – screen #3

April 13 @ 3:30 pm

Regal Hollywood screen #8


  • Country:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Runtime:
    95 minutes
  • Year:


  • Director:
    Ryan Olson, Isaac Gale
  • Producer:
    Isaac Gale, Paul Lovelace, David McMurry, Molly Menard, Ryan Olson, Townson Wells, Ben Wu
  • Executive Producer:
    Molly Menard
  • Co-Producer:
    Townson Wells, Ryan Thompson
  • Cast:
    Jerry “Swamp Dogg” Williams Jr., Larry “Moogstar” Clemon
  • Cinematographer:
    David McMurry
  • Editor:
    Isaac Gale, Ryan Olson, Paul Lovelace

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