The Falconer

Follows Tariq and Cai, two best friends who work together at a zoo, but their friendship is challenged when Tariq plans to steal animals from the zoo and sell them to save her sister from an abusive marriage.

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April 10 @ 5:00 pm
Sarasota Municipal Auditorium
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  • Country:
    United States, Oman
  • Language:
    English, Arabic
  • Runtime:
    100 minutes
  • Year:


  • Director:
    Adam Sjöberg, Seanne Winslow
  • Screenwriter:
    Adam Sjöberg, Seanne Winslow
  • Producer:
    David Jacobson, Seanne Winslow, Adam Sjoberg
  • Cast:
    Rupert Fennessy, Rami Zahar, Khamis Al-Rawahi
  • Cinematographer:
    Nicholas Bupp
  • Editor:
    Adam Sjoberg
  • Production Design:
    Martin Sullivan
  • Sound Design:
    Ned Douglas
  • Music:
    Samuel Stewart

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