Youthfest 8+ Block

Are We Here? (Are We In Color?)

Dir. Natalie Palumbo


An animated representation of the sounds and emotions of the song “Are We Here?” by Orbital.

Goodbye Friend Of Mine

Dir. Stephanie Pasternak


An older brother recounts the time he overcame his fear of the ocean with the help of a special friend.

Lullaby Theories: Babies & Babies & Babies

Dir. Clara Lehmann, Jonathan Lacocque


What would we learn about ourselves if we discovered a sister Earth existed in a parallel universe?

Clues & Socks

Dir. Jonah Safer


Zak Huh and his team of animal investigators will stop at nothing to uncover the mystery of a stolen sock!

Annie & Carola My Best Friend

Dir. Myriam Ballesteros


While building a robot, Carola creates Annie -a robot dead-set on giving Carola the most insane birthday of her life.

Loser Leaves Town

Dir. Mark Nickelsburg


11-year-old Jose dons a luchador mask and engages his imagination to get through a seriously tough weekend.

The Blues Crab

Dir. Ari Rubenstein


An older crab hopes to save a couple of younger crabs from a life of sorrow at the bottom of the ocean.

For Keeps

Dir. Vicky Wight


When a schoolboy loses his favorite marble to his school bully, he must find the courage and skill to win it back.


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    53:29 minutes


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