Animated Competition (Shorts)


2020 Sarasota Film Festival

With no electricity and a storm raging outside, a young girl named Mia and her mother Kierra, pass the time by reading a picture book. Mia frightened by the ominous storm is comforted and reassured by her mother. Worried about what might happen during the hurricane, Mia’s mother tries to lighten the mood. However, this joyful moment is halted abruptly. The door is blown open by the forces of the wind. Paralyzed in fear the mother looks at the storm directly as Mia tries to get her attention. The mother comes to her senses and rushes with Mia to the bathroom. Mia’s mom terrified by what she saw sits in the tub distressed and broken. Mia realizes that she needs to be strong for her mother and comforts her the same way she was comforted. This relaxes the mom and brings her back to good spirits. While looking at their bathroom door they hear a sound come from above them. Before Mia realizes, mom covers Mia to protect her. Mia opens her eyes and witnesses the roof being torn off. There is nowhere else to run.

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