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Curry Scent

Sarasota Film Festival 2024

World Premiere. Curry Scent is a fresh tale of a young immigrant family that comes to Florida in search of the American Dream. As they navigate the pitfalls of their new life abroad, doing menial jobs that many new immigrants find themselves forced to do, they still find humor and an overriding desire to succeed in their new life. The story focuses on Geetha, the young daughter and center of her eight-member family as she navigates the dating world in hopes of finding a suitable match to legitimize her visa. In her journey she encounters the forces it takes to understand what she loves about her country and at what price she is willing to forsake it. Told with uplifting humor and a variety of situations, from their cramped living quarters to her various excursions on which the entire family seems to participate, Curry Scent is a genuinely feel-good story about a serious topic that will resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Clowns Like Me

Sarasota Film Festival 2024

In his hit one-man show, Sarasota actor and storyteller Scott Ehrenpreis told his humorous yet profound story of living with mental illness. And now the show has made it to the big screen. Clowns Like Me reveals the fascinating, heartbreaking, ultimately uplifting true story of Scott’s personal journey as he struggles against OCD, bipolar disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, social anxiety and depression. Scott discovers that being on stage – and now in front of the camera – gives him the power, even for just a bit of time, to step into the light and leave the shadows of his mental health struggles behind. In case you didn’t see the stage show or want to re-experience it (and who can blame you), you are in for an experience that will make you think differently about the stigmas tied to mental health while keeping you consistently entertained.

The Man In The White Van

Sarasota Film Festival 2024

East Coast Premiere. Inspired by a true story, The Man in the White Van delves into the eerie underbelly of a seemingly idyllic 1974 Florida town and follows the harrowing experience of young Annie Williams (Madison Wolfe), a spirited girl whose carefree existence is turned upside down as she becomes stalked by an ominous man in a white van. The tranquility of Annie’s world, from her love of horseback riding to her leisurely strolls home from school in the nearby woods, begins to crumble as the menacing van inches closer and closer. As her parents’ skepticism increasingly grows, Annie finds herself psychologically isolated, and on Halloween night her worst fears materialize. Headed by a stellar cast, the feature debut of director Warren Skeels is a gripping exploration of terror, paranoia, and the fragility of security in a place where darkness lurks beneath the surface. Based on actual events of the serial killer Billy Mansfield Jr., the film captures a bone-chilling story of a young girl’s unimaginable horrors and every parent’s worst nightmare.

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