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Not Rod

Sarasota Film Festival 2024

As a young man in Scotland, singer George Orr played in bands and dreamed of becoming a rockstar. After repeatedly being told that he looked and sounded too much like a fellow newcomer named Rod Stewart, George’s dream slowly faded. Forty years and many professional sidetracks later – including stints as a martial arts trainer and a Miami paparazzo – George was able to turn the very thing that held him back in his early attempt at a career in music into his ticket to success later in life. As a renowned Rod Stewart tribute artist, George entertains sold out crowds with his singing and Chardonnay-soaked banter. NOT ROD is a short documentary about a big personality who reminds us that it is never too late to do what you love.

Screened as part of the Sarasota Filmmakers Documentary section.

Bird Hours

Sarasota Film Festival 2024

Lars and Frances are two young professionals who work day in and day out for Sol Corp, the mega-corporation that owns and runs the entire world. Their routine consists of putting on VR Headsets and transporting their souls into the “cloud,” rendering their bodies lifeless in the real world for 10 hours a day. To ensure their cats are entertained, they play “Bird Hours,” an NPR program that plays recordings of various birds, which are all extinct due to climate change. After reports of absurd catastrophic news events and a long-awaited session of intimacy is interrupted by Sol Corp, Lars smashes his and Frances’ headsets and they escape their apartment into a sun-drenched world of unknowns.

Screened as part of the Narrative Shorts section.

The Suit

Sarasota Film Festival 2024

The short film, The Suit, inspired by a song of the same name written by the legendary songwriter Hugh Prestwood, follows a salt of the earth older woman and her granddaughter who go in search of the perfect suit for Grandpa, a man who has spent his life “scratchin’ the earth.” Together they travel the Nebraska countryside, making stops at a General Store, a fine haberdashery, and ultimately, a Thrift store where we ultimately learn it is the suit Grandpa will be buried in. The Suit is about how the simplest task can take on monumental importance. It’s about how to say goodbye when words are utterly inadequate. The many ways we express love. And how we manage to continue in its absence, finding our strength in those around us.

Screened as part of the Feel Good section.

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