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Volunteer Time Sheet

Each volunteer is asked to maintain a Time Sheet. Movie vouchers and entrance to the volunteer party are based on the number of hours worked and tracked on your Time Sheet. Further, it is helpful for the Volunteer Coordinator to know, on a daily basis, where the festival may be short on volunteers.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your Time Sheet is accurate. After each of your shifts, you must make sure that a responsible SFF staff member (manager/lead volunteer) signs off on your Time Sheet. We want to make sure to accurately track your important contribution to the festival’s success and reward you accordingly.

You will receive your Time Sheet at the Volunteer Kick Off. If for some reason you did not receive a Time Sheet, please let the Volunteer Coordinator know.

Fill out the form with your name, contact information and list each shift with the date along with hours worked.

After your final shift, please turn in your completed, signed Time Sheet with your total number of hours. You may want to make a copy of your Time Sheet for your records.

Please drop your timesheet off at the Volunteer HQ in the Welcome Tent at the Regal Cinema.

There will be a box labeled “Time Sheet Drop Off” for you!

Volunteer Perks

  • Volunteer mixer party – Meet staff and each other – Social event
  • Volunteer Kick-Off – Required orientation meeting.
    • Each department will speak about their area.
    • Free film screening after meeting.
  • Official T-shirt & badge.
  • Time Sheet- Separate one for distributing guide.
  • 10% off SFF merchandise
  • Volunteer vouchers-  In order to receive your volunteer vouchers, you will need to have a lead or a manager sign you in and out of your scheduled shift on your Time Sheet. To use your vouchers to see films, you will need to wait for all paid patrons and the standby line to go first into film. If seating is available, you will be next to enter the film.


For every 4 hours worked = 1 voucher
Standby seat once all patrons are seated



Remember for you last shift to turn in your time sheet TOTALED hours (give to Volunteer Coordinator) and please turn in your badge lanyard and plastic badge. You can keep the artwork. Most people throw the badges away or hold on forever in a draw not ever seeing the light of day again. This is a great way for us to recycle, save money  and use again since we are a non profit organization.

Volunteer Flex “ ON CALL” position (get double the hours)

Volunteers assigned to this role will be shifted throughout various positions to fill cancellations/no-shows OR they may be reassigned completely to one role for the duration of the festival if help is needed on that team. FLEX volunteers MUST be willing to do ANYTHING, inside or outside, and be willing to rotate OR be re-assigned completely. This position will last for the entire duration of the Festival.

Recognition: Volunteer Thank You Party

If volunteer has completed over 24 hours, they will be invited to The Volunteer Appreciation Thank-You Party after the festival. The Volunteer needs to hand in their Time Sheet either after your last shift – or – at least 48 hours in advance of the Volunteer Thank-You party so the hours can be accounted for. Upon your arrival to the Volunteer Thank-You Party, you will receive an envelope with your name and your raffle tickets inside. Do not bring your Time Sheets to the party!

Each Volunteer who attends the party will be given raffle tickets to win items donated by local merchants and arts and cultural organizations. The more hours a volunteer has worked, the more raffle tickets he or she will receive.

Thank you all again for your enthusiasm, good cheer, your invaluable help and friendship. Are volunteers are incredibly meaningful to us, and we can’t thank you enough for your support!

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